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my idea for a new disney world ride. please signal boost this so that this ride can be at disney world.

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When someone you hate gets dragged and ur like


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"I’m not rich"


"But I have a big dick"


"I don’t have a big dick"


"But I am rich"


"I’m rich"


"And I have a big dick"


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Cause we all end up in a tiny pine box. A mighty small drop in a mighty dark plot. And the mighty fine print hastens the trip to our epilogue.

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All the best things are free
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On February 19, 2006, Britney Spears met Steve Jobs on MySpace and befriended him based on a shared love for science fiction. Jobs dreamed of creating a sci-fi reality but didn’t have the creativity nor the intellect to make his dream come true. Spears admired his childlike wonder; it reminded her of her little sister, Jamie Lynn, and she wanted to help him. Spears began designing the touch screen “internet machine” that Jobs had fantasized about and she gave the rights to him once they were complete. Together, they founded the company, Apple, and sold this product as the “iPhone” (2007). Later they expanded production to tablets and computers. In 2008, Spears abandoned the project to continue her career in the performing arts.

so youre telling me that the lady who shaved her head because she was bored and rich is part of the reason i am able to mobile blog?

She actually shaved her head in protest of social conservatism during the Bush Administration. But yes, she’s the reason you have a mobile platform for blogging <3

Thanks for your question!

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Harry…Harry, you are so loved. So loved.

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Source: Seventeen Magazine, c. 1999 - 2002