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     Happy birthday, Natey-Poo! Wooo!

Ahhh. I look like I have down’s. Oh my. Hahahaha.

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Tyra Banks as Paris Hilton. L to the O to the LLLL~

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I love you! Even if you are now 20. :]

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My boyfriend is trying to learn the “Whip My Hair” dance.


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Today was a day.

It was a day I lived, and nothing great happened. I went into work with a neutral mood. The first, like, five people I saw were in terrible moods, so that seriously brought my mood down.

Slowly throughout the day my mood got better and better. Slowly, it became a wonderful day. I talked to a 42 year old gay guy that I work with who told me the saddest story of love life. He was with his partner of 13 years, who cheated on him and beat him. Now, he is trying to rebuild his life after leaving his ex.

It makes me grateful for Scotty. <3

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I love my life.

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“We were made for each other.” -“Made for Each Other” by Jack’s Mannequin

“You can breathe now.” -“You Can Breathe” by Jack’s Mannequin.




Let me just say, Scotty and I are almost to 10 months together. In the time we’ve been dating, I have seen dozens of friends/acquaintances go through boys like tampons. I really only have like 2 guy friends, so they don’t matter. I just want you to know, I am proud of this. And I love him so much.

Thank you for your time.

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This is why I’m sore.

This is why I’m sore.

This is why, this is why,

this is why I’m sore.

  • 4 hour drive
  • Sexual relations
  • Minimal sleep
  • Wriggling like a ticklish fish
  • Beach
  • Rain
  • Sexual relations
  • 4 hour drive
  • Work at 7am

And I would do it all again. The last 36 hours have been absolutely amazing. It felt so great to be back in Scotty’s arms and not have to hide like a Jew. To be able to speak out loud was so liberating. Not having to sneak in the house, and showering freely. This was just so amazing. ILML srsly.

Plus, his family is so sweet. <33

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We are a Romantic Comedy

  • Scotty: So, we can't go out anymore... :(
  • Me: Excuse me?
  • Scotty: I know right, but it's raining, so I'm just gonna go home. Wanna watch True Blood?
  • Scotty: What? I'm so confused right now. What are ya talkin about kid?
  • Me: "we can't go out anymore."
  • Scotty: Oh! No! As in my sister and I can't go out anymore. To the club. She said she "can't hang..."
  • Scotty: I'm sorry baby. I hate the english language. :( I love you. You know that.
  • Me: It's okay, baby. I love you too. You just scared me so much.
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This insomnia is getting ridiculous

Last night (this morning) I couldn’t fall asleep until 7am. I awoke today at 4pm when Scotty called. I probably would have kept sleeping if he hadn’t.